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Looking Back

It’s crazy that we have left Kenya, being that it feels as though we just arrived. This summer has opened my eyes to the reality of social injustices that occur everywhere. I’ve witnessed… Continue reading

Challenges Created by Foreign Assistance

It is hard to believe that my time in Kenya this summer is coming to a close. Amongst all of the farewells and final reports I have spent most of my final week… Continue reading

Rabbit Houses and Final Reflections

Well this is my final blog. I leave Kenya in a few days and head back to life in the States. I figured I would spend my last blog talking about all I… Continue reading

Connecting and Collecting Stories

This week I’ve finally finalized my project by getting help from Monica, the Executive Director of KMET to buy the remaining books in the U.K. where she happened to be for a meeting.… Continue reading

Safe Spaces

This week and past weekend, I’ve been to the safe spaces with Janepher, the director of Sisterhood for Change (SFC). It’s great to see how the safe spaces have grown. The safe spaces… Continue reading


At Gettysburg there are often lectures, discussions, and events centered around diversity. They applaud the many ways to have diversity and the best ways to share our diversity. This usually leads to the… Continue reading

My Little Brother

Amongst all the new things I have been introduced to while here in Kenya, one thing I wasn’t expecting was a little brother. I’m the youngest of four boys in my family, so… Continue reading

A View on Malaria

Week 5 has been a very interesting one. It  began with both me and Dan being diagnosed with malaria. After freaking out for a while about having the disease and having to get… Continue reading

Bunny Farming

This week at work I finalized my project proposal for the summer and presented my project to everyone at KMET. I am working with a group of community members in a slum in… Continue reading

Presentation Ready

Presentation Ready As they say, it’s the end of the quarter (the month)! Everyone has been making sure they document their progress in their different departments and reporting their information. While Dan, Ally… Continue reading