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Reaching Out

Last Thursday I went with the students to do outreach in different communities. We left from KMET in the morning to walk to Manyatta Slum, which is quite large, being that they have… Continue reading

For Her Son

One aspect of home life here in Kenya that is very different than in the US is the prevalence of house maids or live in help. In the US it is very rare… Continue reading

Why am I here again?

This week I learned a lot more about what I am going to be doing with the last five weeks here in Kenya. I am working within the project Huduma Poa Sky, a… Continue reading

I Thought You Were One of Us

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for three weeks now. The concept of time here in Kenya is quite different from the U.S. fast-paced and busy life style. I’m always being told… Continue reading

What Do I Know About Business?

This week I really started getting into my specific department more. I am working in the Urban Livelihood department which focuses on helping people overcome poverty by helping them develop successful sustainable businesses.… Continue reading

Up in the Trees

Before coming to Kenya I became overwhelmed with what I was about to undertake. This feeling manifested itself in mini beak downs over insignificant parts of the trip. One of these included trees.… Continue reading

Mzungu! Mzungu!

This week I came to the revelation that a white person traveling to Kenya is essentially becoming famous. Every time I walk through the streets I hear fans’ constant shouts of “Mzungu! Mzungu!”,… Continue reading

Getting to Know the Girls!

This week has been exciting! I’ve made a work plan for Sisterhood For Change, the department I am working with this summer. It includes me running activities with the students (the girls) such… Continue reading

The generosity of Sam

Another great week here in Kenya! I seem to have a very good grasp on transportation and the way of life around here. This past weekend, the interns had the pleasure of going… Continue reading

An Itchy Arrival

I’ve finally reached Kisumu, Kenya after my 14 hr. flight. I and the other interns agreed that it was the longest flight we’ve ever been on. Especially since this is my first time… Continue reading