Presentation Ready

Presentation Ready

As they say, it’s the end of the quarter (the month)! Everyone has been making sure they document their progress in their different departments and reporting their information. While Dan, Ally and I have been finalizing our project proposals and preparing for our presentations. Today, we all just finished presenting our PowerPoint slides on our projects we will be implementing during our time here. It is great to hear the suggestions and comments the KMET staff provided and that they were pleased with every single one of our projects and how innovative they are.

Just a few more details…

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KMET co-workers!

As I’ve mentioned in the last blog I am working with SFC on building a resource center for their department. The issue that has been noticed is that there are a lack of resources due to lack of funding and also a literacy issue within the program. To expand on what I’ve been doing regarding the literacy issue and providing lessons on how to write job applications, c.v.’s and more; I am implementing a system in which students are able to take out a book that will be provided to gain more knowledge, skills, and new information. Also, I am providing books for each class, hairdressing, catering, and tailoring to further the skills they are already learning within their classes. After budgeting and seeing how many books I can provide; if there is money remaining I will have it go towards prolonging last year’s intern, Rashida’s project which was creating start-up kits for the students. Last year she provided three, which each included a different machine; a blender, a blow dryer, and a sewing machine. Hopefully, I am able to also provide a start-up kit or more. Also, we plan to change how students utilize the start-up kits. We are emphasizing the importance of saving to the students to not only save just to save but also to save towards something, which in this case are the machines we will provide. And then for those who saved we will use that money to buy another person there machine who has also saved, therefore, creating a domino effect and multiple girls are now able to start their own businesses.

After presenting to the KMET staff about my project, many were excited about the idea of stemming the importance of saving into the student’s lives. Also, Monica suggested that not only I can provide books for the resource center, but those (including KMET staff) who have books from childhood, on different topics, that are just sitting in their houses can also donate them to the center, which will allow for the resource center to grow over time and be very useful.

I am happy to finally have a project, and now it’s time to carry it out, and I’ll let you all know how it moves along. 

Kamari Harrington