Week Seven Report

This past week was my seventh week as a Heston Intern. I started the week by returning to Work Ready and spending the majority of my time finishing work and closing the remainder of the files. I also continued to teach a handful of GED classes mostly focused on reading this week. One of the tutors, who does healthy eating options was finally returning this week after a death in the family which was exciting, as she was a great addition to the number of different learning activities in Work Ready, as well as somebody who I’ve learned to enjoy the company and teachings of, despite a couple of difference regarding food preparation and eating habits. Other than that it was a slow week at Work Ready, with a lot of time being spent revisiting old narratives in order to make sure that they were accurate and clear. After a few days, I was prepared to quickly finish the case files and close them, and I now have a couple hours worth of work remaining before the files are finally done. I also am charged with preparing a workshop for the final Monday that I have at the program, which will probably be focused on either conflict resolution, or self-esteem.

In the other aspects of my job, I was kept fairly busy. There was a group of volunteers down for the week, and they were to help at the Food Pantry on Tuesday, and with gleaning blueberries and peas throughout the week. While Hannah set up a handful of gleans throughout the week, I was only able to make a couple due to other time constraints and scheduling issues with my other work. Working with them was quite fun, as they were a lively bunch, but it did seem that they were not all there on their own free will, and that perhaps this church-related volunteer group was filled with children that parents wanted to get out of their hair for a week. The children were used in a number of different areas in SCCAP and other activities, and while volunteering may have given them some pleasure, to me it just seemed like they were doing the labor that nobody else really wanted to do. They moved boxes with me, picked weeds at the gardens, and picked vegetables and fruits while gleaning. And on some level it did seem that the kids realized what they were doing.

Circles was fairly small due to the insane weather on Wednesday, and the Farmer’s Market was also fairly scant, one of the vendors left the market, as he complained that he was not making any money. Most of the other vendors blamed it on his smaller selection, but at the same time they also begrudgingly admitted that Friday Markets do not tend to be worth their time very often either. Perhaps either a location shift, to a more town-centered area would be helpful. But at the same time, the markets will always be expensive, and filled predominantly with impulse buys, so keeping it at the outlets may make sense.

Brandon McTigue ’15