My Little Brother

Amongst all the new things I have been introduced to while here in Kenya, one thing I wasn’t expecting was a little brother. I’m the youngest of four boys in my family, so little brother was always something I was and not something I had. So when I arrived at my home stay 7 weeks ago, I was surprised to see a six year old boy named Teddy, who was going to be my little brother for the duration of my trip.

Teddy is a little ball of energy who loves to watch cartoons. So naturally, we got along very well. My host mom knows that Americans usually eat dinner earlier than Kenyans so I am always given dinner at around 7 each night. Since Teddy is a little kid, he eats earlier too, so each night we eat together. We usually watch cartoons while we chow down on our dinner. It is always fun to talk about cartoons with him because he watches the same shows I watched as a kid.

It has been nice living with a little kid while here because it has exposed me to a different side of the house life than I was used to. I finally am able to see what it was like for my older brothers when I was that age. Teddy and I have had a lot of fun so far. He loves to play games on my iPhone, and while playing on my phone I get to control the TV. We have a good system. We have running races in the street and we talk about his day at school.

Sometimes we learn when we least expect to learn. I never thought I would learn anything from Teddy when I first arrived at my home stay, but in the past 7 weeks I have been able to learn a lot from him. I have learned what it is like to live with someone younger than me. I have also learned what it’s like for younger children in Kisumu. They have the same interests and passions as children in America. I may not have grown up with a younger sibling, but I have enjoyed getting a taste of what I never had growing up. I have really enjoyed getting to know and bonding with Teddy, even though he is only 6 he has taught me a lot.

Dan Rustico ’15