Fun with Veggies

10460500_755145191193820_4268875876609895682_nLast Wednesday was kids day at a local farmer’s market in Gettysburg.  There were six stations where the kids could do different activities and earn tokens.  These tokens were worth one dollar each and the kids could use these tokens to buy items at the farmer’s market. 

My friend and I helped out at a kid’s painting station. We took lots of fun yummy vegetables and cut them up into different shapes.  We made celery flowers, star-shaped potato stamps, and more.  The celery flowers were definitely a crowd favorite.  A whole bunch of kids came to play with the paint and we had all of the kids sign their beautiful artwork.  By the end, we had rolled out a long strip of paper, which had turned into a massive mural covered in bri10525787_755149941193345_8503813811538522269_nght, colorful vegetable designs.

There were a lot of people at the farmers market.  I really enjoyed seeing the kids having fun. I also saw a family who has a plot at Painted Turtle Farm and a lot of people from town wandering around the booths at the farmer’s market.  It was neat seeing how the farmer’s market is a way to connect the people within the town and promote a sense of community.


Sarah Beth Watson