Monthly Archive: June, 2014

Seeing Through Someone Else’s Eyes the Struggle of Self Worth

On Friday morning we had a guest come for breakfast. Her name was Cara. She shared her story about living in poverty and successfully moving past the wage gap.  She mentioned her low… Continue reading

No kids left behind

It was both exciting and nerve-racking waiting for the students to arrive on Monday morning, beginning the first week with the students.  Although thirty students were registered for the higher ed. class, we… Continue reading

A week of crisis and surprises

Finally, I went through 2 weeks of adjusting myself to my job. At the beginning of last week, I thought Jamie and I were both ready to take over and stand on our… Continue reading

A Busy Week Ends with Bingo

This week in Gettysburg has been anything but slow. Phoebe and I had a full schedule of meals to make, along with a few extra.  We pretty much have the hang of how… Continue reading

Un Montón de Gringos

After completing the first full month in Nicaragua and in my work placement at Las Tias, I have a little bit of a different perspective than I had upon onset of my internship.… Continue reading

On work, intentions and sharing stories

This week has been my busiest week since starting my Heston internship. Monday I spent the day at work ready assisting with a field-trip to the outlets so that the clients could study… Continue reading

A View on Malaria

Week 5 has been a very interesting one. It  began with both me and Dan being diagnosed with malaria. After freaking out for a while about having the disease and having to get… Continue reading

Bunny Farming

This week at work I finalized my project proposal for the summer and presented my project to everyone at KMET. I am working with a group of community members in a slum in… Continue reading

Presentation Ready

Presentation Ready As they say, it’s the end of the quarter (the month)! Everyone has been making sure they document their progress in their different departments and reporting their information. While Dan, Ally… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes

Looking back on my second week of work, it serves to say that it was not as diverse in different activities as the first. Circles was not happening on Wednesday. There was no… Continue reading