Connecting and Collecting Stories

This week I’ve finally finalized my project by getting help from Monica, the Executive Director of KMET to buy the remaining books in the U.K. where she happened to be for a meeting. I was quite glad that this was possible because I was able to prevent the shipping cost and time constraint and instead received the books for the resource center when Monica arrived back to Kisumu. Now it’s time to share the books with SFC and get everyone else from KMET on board by donating books they do not use or need to the resource center, therefore enabling growth and longevity.

Since I was able to close on my project, I was able to work on another with Professor Kathleen Cain from Gettysburg College. I was given information that Prof. Cain wanted to connect with Sisterhood for Change for her first year seminar “The World’s Children” in the Fall. So, I decided to be a liaison due to my presence here and actually having worked with SFC during this time.

The project involves the first-year students connecting with some of the SFC students and to document their stories. While documenting, Prof. Cain will also have her students share their own stories as well, to emphasize the connections people have with one another even when they are thousands of miles away. This will allow the SFC girls to know they are not alone within certain situations and that in many ways we (people all over the world) relate to one another. The Gettysburg students will be able to document the SFC girl’s stories via Skype conversations and even be able to contribute them to SFC’s second booklet of stories “Against All Odds 2” which like the first book will have the student’s stories briefly written. I am excited to accomplish more and to be able to expand the connection I have made with the SFC students to others.
Connections can only grow and as we are becoming a more global world it is important to share those experiences, stories, and more with one another. And this project, I believe, will do just that.

Kamari Harrington ’15