Quiet Week

This was my fifth week of my Heston Internship, and it was a nice quiet week. After the Fourth of July, which provided me with time to relax and enjoy myself, it was a nice week back to work. My boss at Work Ready was on vacation, so I could take my time working on closing files, while also being able to help with the GED classes. The classes are in two parts, the first part is for those who need help with basic mathematics, and I was working with one client trying to help her learn the multiplication tables. In the upper level class, they were getting to the start of algebra, and I was able to help these girls work through any problems they had with the math. While I typically do not find myself to be a good teacher, I have found that my time in the class has helped me to develop some finer teaching skills. I have always had patience, but it was not tested until I had to try and teach a mother of three how to do basic multiplication without counting on her fingers. It boiled down to a matter of hard work and forced memorization, but it in itself was its own journey. Being able to teach has also helped me develop a bit better communication, not in the sense that I can articulate myself better, but that I can articulate myself in a way that others can understand. It is always strange to think about the difference between speaking clearly and intelligibly, and speaking in a way that people can understand you. The very notion that certain ideas, while able to articulate a point better, must be foregone in order to create a more understandable basis of the point struck me as counter-intuitive. While it may not have made sense at first, looking back at previous teachers, it started to make sense. To think that a teacher had only the knowledge that they gave to you is wrong, but it is not something that people typically think about in depth.

Monday and Thursday provided me with two more gleans to go to. The first day we finished picking cherries, and then Thursday we were able to pick flowers , which in turn would go to women in various programs at SCCAP. It was nice to know that the flowers that I picked would go to somebody that I probably knew through working at SCCAP. It provided a clearer understanding as to why I was gleaning flowers, as at first I was skeptical as to why we were even bothering to pick flowers.

Tuesday I got to spend some more time working at the food pantry, loading and unloading boxes of food. As always it is pleasant to get to spend time doing some thoughtless labor. It seems that a lot of people get too caught up in the importance of an action and lose the intrinsic qualities that come from actually doing some honest work.

Wednesday I spent another night looking after the children at Circles. It was a fun time, as watching the kids bounce around and play with various toys helps give a sense that they do not really care what is going on around them. Finally on Friday I spent my time working at the Farmers Market, and while it was a slow day, it was still a nice relaxing end to my week.