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Learning the Craft

One of the most fascinating parts of a new culture is the unique artistic tradition that accompanies it. I’ve loved learning about different types of artwork and styles here in Nicaragua and have… Continue reading

Not Cut Out for Motor Cross

Hi guys! For those of you who are still following me on my journey, thanks!! I’m going on my seventh week now—isn’t that crazy?! These seven weeks have been eye-opening, exciting, eventful, and… Continue reading

A Crash Course in Nicaraguan Healthcare

This week I ventured outside the confines of my educational focused internship to learn more about Nicaraguan Healthcare – out of necessity. Victoria and I visited Granada and the Island Ometepe this past… Continue reading

Los Telares / The Weavers

So as I´ve mentioned in previous blogs, Kerry and I have been working with a family cooperative of weavers during our down time/free time. We met this family of weavers our second week… Continue reading

Un Montón de Gringos

After completing the first full month in Nicaragua and in my work placement at Las Tias, I have a little bit of a different perspective than I had upon onset of my internship.… Continue reading

Mis Chavalitos

Hello friends! I´m writing this post from one of the two internet cafes Ive been able to find here in Leon. Sorry It´s been a while…the wifi in my house has been less… Continue reading

“I Too, Am Nicaragua”

One mural, or perhaps political statement, that I encountered on the side of a building early on in the trip featured a face of a young girl with the caption, “I Am Nicaragua,”… Continue reading

Call Me Beeky

Dearest readers: I am still sweating. I’m writing this blog with the fan approximately 9 inches away from my face and yet I continue to sweat. It’s been a little over three weeks… Continue reading

Week 2 Down & I’m Feeling Tuani!

With the help of my host family, my Spanish vocabulary has expanded to include a few odd phrases and Nicaraguan slang, my favorite so far being “Tuani,” which means awesome. Most of my… Continue reading

I’ve Been Sweating Since I Stepped Off The Plane

Hey guys! Victoria here, reporting back to fellow Heston interns, friends and family, and anyone else who is currently reading this. Well for starters, sorry it’s been a while. As you may or… Continue reading