Mzungu! Mzungu!

This week I came to the revelation that a white person traveling to Kenya is essentially becoming famous. Every time I walk through the streets I hear fans’ constant shouts of “Mzungu! Mzungu!”,… Continue reading

Call Me Beeky

Dearest readers: I am still sweating. I’m writing this blog with the fan approximately 9 inches away from my face and yet I continue to sweat. It’s been a little over three weeks… Continue reading

Getting to Know the Girls!

This week has been exciting! I’ve made a work plan for Sisterhood For Change, the department I am working with this summer. It includes me running activities with the students (the girls) such… Continue reading

Week 2 Down & I’m Feeling Tuani!

With the help of my host family, my Spanish vocabulary has expanded to include a few odd phrases and Nicaraguan slang, my favorite so far being “Tuani,” which means awesome. Most of my… Continue reading

The generosity of Sam

Another great week here in Kenya! I seem to have a very good grasp on transportation and the way of life around here. This past weekend, the interns had the pleasure of going… Continue reading

An Itchy Arrival

I’ve finally reached Kisumu, Kenya after my 14 hr. flight. I and the other interns agreed that it was the longest flight we’ve ever been on. Especially since this is my first time… Continue reading

I’ve Been Sweating Since I Stepped Off The Plane

Hey guys! Victoria here, reporting back to fellow Heston interns, friends and family, and anyone else who is currently reading this. Well for starters, sorry it’s been a while. As you may or… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

So much has happened since I first stepped off the plane and onto Nicaraguan soil, I don’t quite know where to begin. I guess I’ll start off explaining a little bit about my… Continue reading

Squeezing 19 on the #44

A week ago, I arrived in Kisumu, Kenya after a very long journey. The first week has been very interesting here in Kisumu. I have been getting to know the area slowly and… Continue reading

Slow Juice, Swahili, and Sign Language

From the outside Kenya seems like a very hectic place. The streets are crowded with people, bikes, pikis, tuk-tuks, and matatus. They all come unfathomably close to one another as they quickly dodge… Continue reading