Behind the Scenes

Looking back on my second week of work, it serves to say that it was not as diverse in different activities as the first. Circles was not happening on Wednesday. There was no… Continue reading

Life on the farm

The heat has arrived. Not the most profound observation, I know, but it’s the truth and that’s good enough for me. Katie, Sarah Beth, and I have been heading to the farm at… Continue reading

Not Just Another Story

Hello and thanks for reading. This will be my first Heston blog, and yes it is two weeks late. I have spent the last couple of weeks avoiding activities that I did not… Continue reading

Reaching Out

Last Thursday I went with the students to do outreach in different communities. We left from KMET in the morning to walk to Manyatta Slum, which is quite large, being that they have… Continue reading

From an Annoying Weed to a Desirable Treat

Last Monday Painted Turtle Farm hosted a potluck for all of the people and families connected with the farm as well as all of those who live on campus this summer.  I was… Continue reading

June Showers Bring More Weeds

As the second week of the Heston experience comes to a close here in Gettysburg, the weather has been anything but predictable. Thunderstorms followed by extreme heat seem to be the weekly cycle… Continue reading

When I become a nice old lady

There is a Chinese saying that goes: after age 30, your appearance is the look of your soul. How accurate that is could still be debated, however, what it reveals is unarguable: people… Continue reading

For Her Son

One aspect of home life here in Kenya that is very different than in the US is the prevalence of house maids or live in help. In the US it is very rare… Continue reading

The Prizes from Strangers

‘F5 then Ctrl+P’ was all I did Thursday morning. I found this app online to customize and print free bingo game set. After eagerly choosing the theme of the game and finally making… Continue reading

Bienvenidos to Summer School!

It feels good to be back in Gettysburg to begin my Heston Internship with the Migrant Education Program.  After flying back from my incredible two weeks in Trinidad on Sunday night and driving… Continue reading