The Educational Value of Field Trips

With budget cuts, field trips and electives are often the first things to go in schools.  However, experiential learning, the arts, and physical education are great ways to not only incorporate academics in… Continue reading

Not Cut Out for Motor Cross

Hi guys! For those of you who are still following me on my journey, thanks!! I’m going on my seventh week now—isn’t that crazy?! These seven weeks have been eye-opening, exciting, eventful, and… Continue reading

Follow the White Rabbit

Many things have happened this past week following the fourth of July, and most of them have been good. For starters, our sink in the campus kitchen has been partially fixed. This is… Continue reading


At Gettysburg there are often lectures, discussions, and events centered around diversity. They applaud the many ways to have diversity and the best ways to share our diversity. This usually leads to the… Continue reading

My Little Brother

Amongst all the new things I have been introduced to while here in Kenya, one thing I wasn’t expecting was a little brother. I’m the youngest of four boys in my family, so… Continue reading

The Other Side of Circles

This week proved to be very busy, and hectic which led to a few mistakes in the kitchen. Phoebe and I were trying to be very efficient which actually led to more mistakes… Continue reading

Week Four Report

This was the fourth week of my Heston Internship. This week started off eventfully, as Monday afternoon I gave a workshop that I had been working on for the Work Ready program. I… Continue reading

With Liberty and Justice for All

As today is the 4th of July, it was a day off of work that was supposed to be dedicated to celebrating the United States. The US is the land of the free… Continue reading

A Crash Course in Nicaraguan Healthcare

This week I ventured outside the confines of my educational focused internship to learn more about Nicaraguan Healthcare – out of necessity. Victoria and I visited Granada and the Island Ometepe this past… Continue reading

Children’s Paintings

Last week, the paintings painted by children in Circles were returned. I am not a big fan of kids. Sorry I hope you don’t judge. But there is one thing that I especially… Continue reading