Does Vietnam Have Colors?

I am an international student from Vietnam. In Asian countries, English is one of the compulsory subjects for everyone, meaning that it does not matter if I like it or not, I still… Continue reading

Some Clients Left Behind?

This past week was the sixth week of my Heston Internship. While at the Work Ready program, I stepped up my involvement even further in the GED teaching, as two of the primary… Continue reading

A Mouthwatering Meal

Hands down, my favorite part of this past week was Wednesday night when all of the families came to the farm. I knew the families were cooking food for everyone and I kept… Continue reading

Inspired to Teach

It’s amazing how three and a half weeks can really affect and change you. For the past three and a half weeks, I have had the honor and privilege of being Miss Erin… Continue reading

Connecting and Collecting Stories

This week I’ve finally finalized my project by getting help from Monica, the Executive Director of KMET to buy the remaining books in the U.K. where she happened to be for a meeting.… Continue reading

Quiet Week

This was my fifth week of my Heston Internship, and it was a nice quiet week. After the Fourth of July, which provided me with time to relax and enjoy myself, it was… Continue reading

Why Help Other People?

It is not a strange question but it is actually a lot of people wonder. Why would you spend time and money to help strangers while you yourself have your own problems to… Continue reading

Safe Spaces

This week and past weekend, I’ve been to the safe spaces with Janepher, the director of Sisterhood for Change (SFC). It’s great to see how the safe spaces have grown. The safe spaces… Continue reading

Growing in Numbers

Slowly, but surely, the number of students in the ESL classes is growing. At one point we had seven students! I’m never sure which students will show up each class because it has… Continue reading

GIV Day, On the Way

GIV Day preparation is getting a bit more intense. And I realized that it is truly multitasking. Before I started the GIV Day project, it was pretty hard to believe that such a great event… Continue reading