All Smiles in the Campus Kitchen

This past week of working was filled with many new experiences including a summer camp, life on the painted turtle farm, and some very helpful volunteers in the kitchen. While I would not categorize it is a particularly busy week, it was one that came and went quickly because there was always something new to see, or be done.

In the beginning of the week Phoebe and I began our work with the daycare that is run on campus. There are two age groups that participate in the daycare, and we decided to talk to the younger aged children. The lettersmain topic was nutrition and how to eat healthy, so we played a bunch of fun games dealing with healthy food options, and kitchen safety. After this Phoebe brought in pen pal letters from children in Vietnam for them to read and respond to. They read the letters and asked some very entertaining, but somewhat alarming questions. They asked her if there were colors, or light in Vietnam, which was funny to me, but is also very poor that children these days do not know whether, or not Vietnam is completely dark or not. I think it is just instinct for us to look down upon other people and other countries of people as being worse off than us. The kids probably knew nothing about Vietnam, but because it was not America they automatically assumed it was worse.

The day after this we got some very helpful adult volunteers, who were incredibly efficient. It was a big day for processing zucchini since we had fallen a little bit behind. We blanched and shredded zucchini with the volunteers for almost three hours, and in the end everyone’s wrists and hands were sore. It was however a great day because we preserved 110 pounds of zucchini to be used at a later date in the school year. That was kind of a jumping off point for the week as far as produce processing goes, because we were able to process about another 75 pounds that week, and almost completely fill up our freezers to the brim, while emptying the walk-in fridge at the food pantry. Hannah has been incredibly helpful, and generous with her gleaning project that has allowed us to have so much more fresh produce.

On a final note it was my last full week with my Sherfy garden buddy Katie. Although she will be moving on to bigger and better things in North Carolina I think most of us in Gettysburg will miss her. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet someone who genuinely loves gardening as much as she does. Seeing her get ready to go made me realize that the summer is coming to an end, and there are only a few more weeks to experience the things I have been this summer. Time has been flying by, and I hope that I can make the most of the time I have left here.

Jameson Smith ’16