A Mouthwatering Meal

Hands down, my favorite part of this past week was Wednesday night when all of the families came to the farm. I knew the families were cooking food for everyone and I kept hearing whispers about taquitos, but I was surprised with the quantity of food. Person after person came bearing bowls full of different types of Mexican food. I was expecting just enough for a taste of each food, but there was enough for a meal! It all tasted delicious. The best part was the salsa verde that I lathered onto my taquitos. My new goal for the end of the summer is to find a recipe and make some homemade salsa verde on my own.

The taquitos were cool because some of them were filled with potatoes from the farm. I don’t usually associate potatoes with Mexican food so it was neat because I got to experience different flavors mixing together. I also enjoyed seeing a new way to use the food from the farm. Whenever I see the potato plants, I just think of the possibility of making mashed or fried potatoes. Having some of the families cook helped show me new ways to use ingredients. I’m going to have to start being more creative when I cook. I’m definitely trying to learn as much as I can about cooking by talking to the families.

Sarah Beth Watson ’16