GIV Day, On the Way

GIV Day preparation is getting a bit more intense.

And I realized that it is truly multitasking.

Before I started the GIV Day project, it was pretty hard to believe that such a great event can be coordinated by a single person. But I quickly learned that it was not about me. Like the word “coordinate” suggests, I am just the person who communicates and connects. It is really about the community partners, student volunteers, DPS, transportation, Dining Services, etc. These people take care of different aspects of GIV Day to make it happen. I am no more than helping them seeing this event from their perspective, what they can do, and the relation between what they can do with the rest of the people helping out.

During the coordination process, I have to constantly wait and revise what I have been working on, because every part is closely interconnected. The transportation available influences the number of student drivers, how I talk to the DPS officers about reserving parking, how to group students to sites within driving distance, which further decides their table assignment and student leaders placement. But I love it. I love what I am doing for GIV Day because I believe in what it stands for and what it does. And I feel special that this time I am the uniting role. I am part of the influence.

There is definitely pressure, especially when I see how time flies and it is already halfway through the Heston Internship. But I also trust the experience of so many years’ past GIV Day Coordinators, the very helpful guidance of Kim and Gretchen, and at last myself.

Oh yes, myself. I have been trying to think how to make this year’s GIV Day different while maintaining the essence. T-Shirt and videos, speech and coordination…I want to pull out all that I could offer, but apparently I have encountered some difficulties. How to make innovation happen and how to make innovation meaningful has been bothering me, not to mention the actual practice of turning the abstract ideas into reality. I don’t have a lot of time left to put them together, and hopefully I can get more inspiration.  In order to have an output, we must have input first. I guess talking to more people about my ideas, as well as searching for more relevant information will be helpful. This creative part of GIV Day truly makes me feel like a sculptor, who needs to try hard, very hard to make a rough shapeless marble into a beautiful piece with sharp edges.

But who doesn’t enjoy freedom, enjoy being an artist?

Bowen Yang ’16