Follow the White Rabbit

Many things have happened this past week following the fourth of July, and most of them have been good. For starters, our sink in the campus kitchen has been partially fixed. This is a huge upgrade from where it was, and we no long have to use the emergency shut off valve every time we want to wash something in the sink. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Steve this week who is the SCCAP handy man, and the guy who fixed our sink. Also, more importantly this week I had the pleasure of seeing the fabled SCCAP wild white rabbit. As the story goes, the rabbit was the pet of a student who lived on Stratton Street three years ago, and once they graduated they let it free in the backyard of the campus kitchen. Once it was let go, it fended for itself and made friends with the wild rabbits that also live out there. I tried to make friends with him, but it appears as if he is a fully wild rabbit now. I just thought it was pretty cool how he was basically thrown into a situation he had never been in before, and is making the most of it. It is pretty incredible he has been able to survive the winters, especially here in Gettysburg.

On another note, more and more produce has been coming into the kitchen, which is a good and a bad thing. The good news about this is that when it is winter time, and I am no longer working in the kitchen, the staff will have a freezer full of zucchini to use. The bad news is that Phoebe and I are the ones who are preserving it all now. YeJamesonsterday alone we preserved almost 40 pounds of zucchini, and this is just the beginning. We filled up our entire 15 foot table drying zucchini slices yesterday. Although it is a good thing that we will have vegetables for the winter it is definitely a tedious process at this current time.

I also had a chance to go on my first glean this week with Hannah. Although we only gleaned flowers it was very cool to see how the process works, and it was a good lesson in learning how to make flower bouquets. I had the privilege of meeting the new gleaning coordinator of Franklin County as well. It was a good week for animals here in Gettysburg, I guess, because I met a really cool dog that lives on the farm where we gleaned the flowers. He had free reign over the land, and was just so incredibly friendly.

Although I did not have any big realizations, or groundbreaking moments this week, I feel like it was one of the better, and more entertaining weeks I have had here so far in Gettysburg.

Jameson Smith ’16