Week Four Report

This was the fourth week of my Heston Internship. This week started off eventfully, as Monday afternoon I gave a workshop that I had been working on for the Work Ready program. I was talking about what it is like for a kid growing up with a parent in the Work Ready program. This workshop did quite a few things. First and foremost it gave the women at Work Ready a chance to see who I am, and why I am at Work Ready. Many were quite vocal about how they did not realize what I had been through, and were quite appreciative of me giving my story, as they are so willing to do on a daily basis. Secondly, it allowed for me to articulate the different issues that I faced growing up, but in a productive manner, as it allowed for me to attempt to help others who are in the same situation. I talked about schooling, bullying, healthy eating, extracurricular activities, and how different attitudes of parenting can lead to different outcomes for their children. I was happy to see that they were all moved by the workshop that I gave, and it has really strengthened my working relationships with the clients.

The rest of the week at Work Ready was similar to most, but one client decided to be proactive in her work towards her GED and now, she is writing a short essay each night which I am to correct the next day in order to help her become a better writer. This combined with the work that I have been doing with the clients in regards to their math skills lets me know that they all want to get their GED so that they can continue to move forwards. While there are a few who are not as willing to work with others, and do not seem to be making any moves away from their current lifestyle, it is obvious that a number of the clients truthfully want to move out of this part of the system.

Tuesday and Thursday nights, I was gleaning again, but this time we were picking cherries. Both groups were smaller than normal, due to scheduling, especially with the fourth of July approaching, but these smaller groups still managed to glean enough cherries both nights that the food pantry and the church that is affiliated with the work would have enough to give away to almost everybody both days. We will also be returning this next week to glean more cherries, as there are quite a few cherries, since the farm that we are gleaning from decided that it was not financially apt to pick the cherries this year, as there was a number of different weather and environmental factors that led to a bad season for cherries.
This was a nice quick week in my opinion. It was nice to know that now the people that I spend the most time with are aware that I am not just some college kid doing paperwork off to the side, but actually somebody who wants to be there, and somebody who is getting as much from the situation as they are.

Brandon McTigue ’15