The Other Side of Circles

This week proved to be very busy, and hectic which led to a few mistakes in the kitchen. Phoebe and I were trying to be very efficient which actually led to more mistakes than we had made in the previous weeks. For example we wrapped up making Casa meal bags early on Monday, and went out to deliver them a little bit early. However, we had forgotten in all the excitement of finishing early that someone had volunteered to deliver them that day. On Tuesday we decided to come into the kitchen early to do some produce processing, and we got so wrapped up in doing it, that we forgot to deliver the Meals on Wheels for that day to the elderly home. To cap all of this off, the United States lost in the World Cup later that day to Belgium 2-1. With a rough start, the rest of the week looked anything but promising, but it turned around on Wednesday. The highlight of my week was once again Circles, except this time it was for a different reason.

Going into the meeting, I was looking forward to hearing the participants’ speeches, but when I got there they were short on volunteers to help take care of the children during the meeting. Tonya nicely asked Brandon, Phoebe and I if we could help with this because the only other volunteers were her daughters. Originally, I was unsure of how I felt about this because I was actually very interested in hearing the speeches, but I left the meeting and went outside to play with the children. Once we got ourselves situated, it actually reminded me a lot like what I used to do as a kid. We were outside and a couple of the boys wanted to play with the nerf ball that was in the game room. They kept asking me to throw it as high as I could to see if they could catch it. It must be something about trying to catch a ball that is falling from that high because I specifically remember asking my dad to do the same thing with me when I was around their age.

We also sat down and talked for a while when we were done playing which was also very interesting. I’ve been upstairs and seen how their parents are dealing with hardship, but it is also very interesting to see how their kids view the situation they are in. One of the children talked about how he was watching the World Cup and how his favorite team, Mexico, had just been eliminated earlier in the week. He talked about how he really wanted to get a book about the World Cup and the players in it from the Dollar Tree, but his family could not afford to get it for him. It made me think about how these kids shared very similar interests to me, but because of the situation they were born into they do not have many of the options that so many kids their age have. It’s sad to see that sometimes kids like this are looked down upon because of the situation their family is in. They obviously have no control over their situations and can do nothing to better it at this age.

Despite this, I had a great time playing with the children, and I feel as if I may have even made a few new friends.

Jameson Smith ’16