A week of crisis and surprises

Finally, I went through 2 weeks of adjusting myself to my job. At the beginning of last week, I thought Jamie and I were both ready to take over and stand on our feet. But it was not until today, in the last day of week 3, I am confident that we are now capable of handling pretty much anything.

On Monday, first thing I heard at 10am when I showed up in the office was “I checked the Kitchen this morning, and apparently the green freezer was left open throughout the weekend. Now water is everywhere and everything thawed so we should head over to the kitchen now to clean everything and take all the food out to use throughout the week”. What a fresh start to a new working week! (In case you wonder why we did not think of cleaning up a little bit and refreezing everything again, we are not allowed to do it because it’s not safe). I was so guilty because the Friday before, Jamie was not there and if there is someone who left the freezer open, it must have been me. After 1 hour of cleaning out everything, we ended up throwing out some of the food that have been staying in the freezer for over a year and we were left with the weirdest combination of food that we would have to be creative and come up with some way to use them effectively throughout the week. At least, at the time we thought it was nice to clean up the freezer, Jamie had a good time making fun of me and we would be fine if we planned ahead smartly.

Unfortunately, Tuesday came with another crisis. First thing I heard at 10am when I showed up in the office was “I checked the Kitchen this morning, and apparently the silver freezer stopped working. It’s at 30 degree. The bottom shelf thawed. You should head over now to check it before we lose all our food.” Yes, it HAS TO happen at the same time. I came in to clean up everything and fortunately, this time at least only the bottom shelf got messed up. Almost everything else was fine and after an hour of cleaning up, I was able to fit everything in the other 2 freezers and unplug the silver freezer. I sat down to plan ahead everything for the whole week. When the fridge was plugged in again, it returned to -10 degree. At least, at the time I thought it was still nice to clean up another freezer, to get a very clear idea of what we had in the kitchen and to save almost everything.

BUT, on Wednesday, I was greeted with more great news in the morning. The silver freezer malfunctioned again and the repairman never showed up. When I got there to begin the cooking shift, I had to move some of the food that was left in there out and tried to fit them into the other freezers. Then I thought I was doing just fine until I found out that the tap on the dishes sink malfunctioned and there was no way to stop the water. But then we found and turned off the locker under the sink to at least temporarily resolve the crisis. But we were still optimistic. After all, at the end of Wednesday, our plan was going well, no food got wasted, we solved several crises together.

It seemed like that week every day when I showed up in the office, I would be greeted with unpleasant news so on Thursday I decided to not show up because there was not necessary planning to do. But the crisis would not let me go just because I did not show up. I received the text saying that the silver freezer was still malfunctioning after all and the repairman was not there to resolve the problem. I had to go check on it again but when I showed up it was at -10 degree, which was totally fine. That afternoon, the repairman finally showed up but he was not be able to fix everything right away so Jamie and I still needed to get under the sink to control the water every time we needed to.

It had been a rough week but on Friday, we were surprised with a pleasant surprise. This time it is really great news. When we delivered food to the Senior Center, one of the old ladies handed me a small card with a bright smile on her face. She said “Thank you so much. We very much appreciate it”. I was so surprised but so delighted. After getting everything served, I finally got a moment to sit down and open the envelope. It was a thank you note, with everyone’s signature in it. Needless to say, I was so happy and grateful.

After all, last week had a very happy ending.

Phoebe Do