Reaching Out

Last Thursday I went with the students to do outreach in different communities. We left from KMET in the morning to walk to Manyatta Slum, which is quite large, being that they have different sections. Even with the far walk and hot weather it was a successful outreach. Not only did we share what SFC (Sisterhood for Change) does and offers but also many people were interested in learning more and even joining. These outreaches allow the students to be advocates for themselves as well as Sisterhood for Change to reach out to other girls who were in their situation and may not know what they are capable of and have access to.

2014-06-18 09.53.48As the saying goes, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” This is exactly what these girls are doing by going out there and talking to other young women. I’ve discovered that it is extremely important to uplift one another because at the end of the day we are one. For example, this week we had a CC (Community Conversation) meeting, which are held every Wednesday, and the girls would bring up an issue that they may have had and try to solve it amongst themselves. The tutors usually ask me if I have anything to say at the end, and many times I would say no because I could not understand most of the conversation since it was spoken in Kiswahili. However, this past Wednesday I felt the need to share with the students that they must support one another. If you support one another, things will always get better. The one thing that we stressed as a group was that we are one, everyone in Sisterhood for Change are sisters, and that we all must believe that.

Also this week I’ve finally decided on a project to do with SFC. I plan on working with Janepher and the tutors to create a resource center. This will include books and articles that relate to their classes in which they are unable to access due to cost, as well as other books relating to life skills and more. I also plan on prolonging last year’s intern, Rashida’s project with the start-up kits. I will be also providing start-up kits and changing how we implement them, for example, we plan on pushing the students to save while they are here so they can possibly use that money for a machine or device they will need to start their business. So I am very excited to start working with everyone on this and being able to provide resources where needed.

Kamari Harrington ’15
Kisumu, Kenya