Getting to Know the Girls!

This week has been exciting! I’ve made a work plan for Sisterhood For Change, the department I am working with this summer. It includes me running activities with the students (the girls) such as job applications, resumes (or CV’s as they call it), interviews, recommendation letters, apology letters, work etiquette and more. This week I was able to teach the girls how to write job applications, which I discovered is quite different from our way of applying to jobs. In the U.S. many jobs have applications prepared for potential employees to fill out. However, here in Kenya, they must write a letter to the job or person they would like to work for. So, with this new information I came up with a template on how a job application should be formatted and taught it to the students. I then assigned them to write job applications as though they were going to apply and hand it in to me the next day to look over. They all did well and only make a few minor mistakes such as incorrect grammar or spacing, which they could seek help with from me or others.


Kamari and hostmother, Emmaculate

Aside from teaching the girls, I was also able to sit in a community conversation that the hairdressing class held on Wednesday. They occur every week for the girls to talk about issues or problems they’ve encountered and seek help from one another. Also, this is the time they usually use to settle issues they may have amongst themselves. It was quite pleasing to see how they support one another and give each other advice to solve their problems without needing much help from teachers, counselors, or even us interns. It was also hard to follow the conversation at times due to the language barrier. The tutor warned me “English is not our mouth” which simply means their English is not great, so they would go back and forth between English and Swahili.

Also the girls within the hairdressing class braided my hair this week too. It was quite an experience, since there were 4 students braiding my hair. I didn’t know which way to turn my head, lol. But they did a great job and were very excited to do it as well. During this time we discussed a show that I’ve been watching since I’ve got here. It’s a telenovela, a Spanish soap opera called Corazon Indomable (Wild at Heart). It was surprising to see how many of them watched it too, and we just continued to talk about the show and what happened as they did my hair. These conversations also went back and forth from English to Swahili.


Lester and Eve’s Wedding

I also attended a wedding Saturday of a colleague, Lester who works at KMET. Congratulations Lester and Eve! It was fun, exciting, and different. As the wedding ended they danced their way out of the church and we headed to the reception at Nyanza Golf Course. There was a live Christian band that sang many uplifting songs. We ate well, there was an abundance of food, and I love to eat! And as the bride and groom arrived to the reception many of the guests danced and welcomed them, and danced their way into their seats. They then had speeches from parents, colleagues, friends, pastors, and more. It was such a great event it lasted almost the whole day. And although I did not catch a picture, Agnes even caught the bouquet, so who knows what lies ahead!


Kamari Harrington ’15
Kisumu, Kenya